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Contact Us: (225) 921-7081 or

Contact Us: (225) 921-7081 or

Give us a call!  (225) 921-7081

Real Estate Services

If you are a prospective buyer, seller or real-estate agent, let us help get your pool ready and maintain it throughout the process. We will provide a written report with photographs.


Wells Pool Services will provide a comprehensive report on the overall conditions of the pool area and equipment.

Weekly Pool Service

While your home is on the market we will service the pool to keep it looking great for prospective buyers.

Pool Rehabilitation

If your pool is in need of some extra care before it goes on the market, we can help.

Vacation Service

If you usually take care of your own pool but need someone to clean it while you are on vacation, give us a call! Vacation service includes removing all debris from your pool's bottom, surface, skimmer and pot strainer basket and sweep bags. Services are available at a weekly or monthly rate.